Friday, April 13, 2007

Bolivia Flood Aid

Thanks so very, very much for those of you who contributed to help the Bolivia flood victims. We sent on to Pastor Enzo 100% of what you sent us for the flood victims. Below is Pastor Enzo’s report.

Here is a link to pictures he took as he distributed the blessings you helped make possible.

View this montage created at One True Media
Bolivia Flood Aid

There still is great need in Bolivia because of this flood. If you would like to help now, you can give online at

Because this is a special project, check “I’d like to give to a staff member” and then in the place for the name say your gift is for “Bolivia Flooding.” We have a team going to this area in a couple weeks. Please email me to let me know that you contributed so we can immediately send it to Bolivia with that team.


Mike Jorgensen

From: Enzo G. Saavedra
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:34 AM
To: Mike Jorgensen
Subject: Beni Trip

I am sending this email to thank you all for your contribution to help the damaged people in the natural disaster that affected the department of Beni. Until now there is a los of 600,000 heads of cattle and an estimate said that this number can reach the millon or millon and a half of heads of cattle lost. This flood has affected more than 22.313 families that are aproximatedly 130.527 persons. The comunity that has been more affected is San Francisco de Moxos, they use to have 115 houses, now 59 houses has been completed destroyed for the waters and the rest of the houses of that village needs at less 50% of repairs.

I am sure thar God will bless you for your generosity, because “for God loveth a cheerful giver”. 2 Cor. 9:7.

For God’s mercy we gather 10.110 kilos of provisions that were distributed in the following way:

To San Francisco de Moxos, to the major’s representing Matilde Yuco and the sheriffsheriffsherisssssss Agustina Mobo, 2.150 Kilos.

To San Lorenzo de Moxos, al to the major’s representing Adalberto Masapaija, 922 kilos.

To San Ignacito de Moxos, to the sheriff Maximo Orihuela, 552 kilos.

To different communities and neighborhoods in Trinidad as Puerto Barador, Puerto Ballivián, Puerto Jeralda, Villa Monasterio y Barrio Pantanal, 6.486 Kilos.

The distribution of this help was realized with the help of pastors of Trinidad city, Pr. Eval Soliz, Pr. Alex Llanos and others, etc.

The next April we have a team of volunteers from US going to Trinidad to work in church planting, with translators an anothers people volunteer from Bolivia. We hope to be able to take some more provisions for the people in trinidad.

God bless you all

Enzo Saavedra