Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Marry the Miracles?

Two major ministry miracles happened in 2009. In 2010 we’d like to figure out a way to marry these two bountiful blessings from God.

Miracle No. 1. Despite all the gloomy economic news, the Lord of the Harvest did a miracle with e3’s 2009 mission trips (with reports still coming in):

• Trip participants went up 7%
• Nationals equipped went up 13%
• Professions of faith went up 26%
• New churches went up 31%

Miracle No. 2. Even though we’ve only advertized I am Second in the Dallas area, God’s fingerprints have been on iamsecond.com since it launched about a year ago:

• 1.7 million visits from 208 countries
• 75,000+ Facebook fans
• 5,300+ Twitter followers
• Almost 3,000 people registered on a new part of iamsecond.com
• Partnership requests from numerous ministries and churches

The best part about these startling stats? Behind the numbers are multitudes of people whom God is touching and changing and inspiring. All for His glory.

God answered your prayers exceedingly abundantly above what we thought or imagined. Thank You, Lord. Thank you, prayer team.

So here’s the next prayer assignment we’d like you to embrace:

Marry the Miracles? How can we marry the international eternal impact of the mission trips with the excitement and commitment the I am Second movement is generating?

Idea: I am Second Expeditions. Do an experiment with some of our e3 Mission Trips. Keep the same focus: evangelism and discipleship with the goal of starting new churches. But add some I am Second elements. Like orientation using parts of the I am Second curriculum. And a community service activity on each Expedition, like medical or dental clinics, free wheelchair distribution, eyeglass clinics, sports clinics, or HIV/AIDS awareness training using our Hope Cube. Recruit through the I am Second network.

We look back on 2009 with great gratitude that our glorious God did things we did not imagine last January 1st. We can’t wait for 2010!