Thursday, May 03, 2012

Let’s reach the rest

Frank spent years hanging with an outlaw motorcycle club.  Now he and wife Cookie (at left) work to reach the rest of the people in those clubs. So he goes to biker rallies to share how he is Second.  

Hannah is the only person from her youth group in her high school.  She wants to reach the rest of the students in her school.  She started a Second group at school, and 41 showed up for the first meeting.  

Chris is a pastor in a part of Austin, TX called Wells Branch.  He is starting Happy Hours to find people interested in starting Second groups to reach the rest of their community.  

What is “the rest” for you?  Your family?  Your school?  Your community?  Your campus?  Your club?  Your workplace?  Your city?  All the schools in your district?  The rest of the people who love the same sport, hobby or team you love?

Let’s work together to reach the rest . . . and you define what “the rest” is.  Check out our online training here.  It only takes four sessions to learn how you can use Second tools to “reach the rest.”