Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome Home Adelaide Joy

A few days after Adelaide was born in the capitol, we headed back to the Asian city where our kids live. Here's a look at life there during the first month of new granddaughter Adelaide Joy's life.

Awaiting Granddaugther in Asia

Rejoice with us at the birth of 0ur second grandchild--Adelaide Joy. Here's a short video about our time in Asia a week before and after her birth.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Missions Math

+ 36 enthusiastic Seconds (Christ followers) from the States
+ 30 Bolivian translators (we have some bilingual team members)
+100 or more local Bolivian Seconds
+ 1 triune, all powerful, loving, gracious saving God
Many changed lives + new churches planted + great glory to God

We’re heading to the airport. Will be a long couple days even if everything goes great. Please pray for all of us to safely intersect in Cochabamba, Bolivia Saturday afternoon.

Pray also for God to prepare the hearts of the people we will be meeting this week so that the “light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ” might get through to their hearts.

Jesus is First!

Mike Jorgensen

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ultimate Cell Group


Chaplain Albert started an I am Second group in one of the pods (dorm rooms) at the Dawson State Jail in downtown Dallas. Last week we joined the group as he presented certificates to about 25 inmates who has completed the first 10 sessions. With tears in his eyes and a crack in his voice, one young guy shared “finally I have something my kids can be proud of their dad for.”

Prison Missionaries? Now some of them are ready to start their own I am Second groups as they are moved to other pods, and some to other prisons around Texas. Pray for God to “grow them in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52)
My favorite picture is above, taken as they prayed for one of the guys that had just had a year added to his sentence.

Click here to see some other pix.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Only God Can Do Stuff Like This

Jon was a long term project. His sister, Vicki, had been praying for him for 24 years. Around the first of January Jon saw the Colt McCoy I am Second commercial running on ESPN. He was out of town, but he went to his computer to check out as soon as he got back home to Boise, Idaho on Jan 7th.

As Jon watched film after film, he was amazed how Jesus changed lives. Jon called Vicky, who lives way off in Atlanta, to see what she thought of the site. “It’s good, keep looking at it” she told him.

Jon spent 6 hours . . . yes, 6 hours . . . looking at videos. Then his heart could not hold back . . . he fell to his knees and talked to Jesus. Confessing. Worshipping. Putting his faith in He Who is First.

Find an I am Second Group” caught Jon’s eye on As he clicked on the page, up popped a Google map right around his house. Jon didn’t know it, but that part of the website had just gone live 3 days before. But in God’s providence there already was a group registered near him. Probably not another one for 500 miles, but God had a group right there for Jon to find.

Jon called Vicky to tell her the good news that he now believed in the Good News. Vicky’s joy overflowed to Mike R. Mike R knows Scott, one of our Board members who lives in Orlando. Scott knew I’d love the story, so he sent it on to me.

The rejoicing went from Boise to Atlanta to Orlando to Charlotte, where I was when I got Scott’s forward of Mike R’s forward of Vicky’s hallelujah email message. As I joined in the email celebration, Mike R asked where I am Second is headed next. When I responded that actually I was in Charlotte that very moment discussing launching there, Mike R mentioned that Apartment Life, the ministry he’s with, had just started work there.

A few hours later . . . I’m sitting across the table at a Starbucks in Charlotte talking to Nick, AL’s brand spanking new regional leader. Discussing how we might partner together. All because Jon trusted Christ in Boise a few days before.

The fingerprints of God . . . all over that whole thing. I can’t help but believe in a sovereign God who WILL accomplish His plans, and often in a way that only He gets the acclaim for pulling it off.

Also challenges me NOT to give up when praying for someone. For we never know when or how God will cause the spiritual dominoes to fall.

Here’s what Vicky told us later—

“I want to personally thank every person involved with this website for helping to bring my brother Jon to Christ. Jon and I were not raised together. We share an earthly father who struggled to give either of us what we needed emotionally. But now, after I have been praying for him since he was 15 years old - 24 1/2 years of prayers, God has drawn us together as children of the same heavenly father. A father who can love Jon in a way that he has never experienced before.

“The work that you are doing has such great eternal impact. My brother who was lost up until this day is now absolutely blown away by the love of Christ and his new life in him. And I have the privilege of sharing this with Jon and having new life breathed into my own spiritual walk - if DOES matter what we say, what we do, where we put our efforts, and how we nurture these over the years.”
People are looking for hope and change and God. Would you like to be there when they come looking? Register your group or ministry at


Mike Jorgensen