Monday, September 01, 2008

Sucre, Bolivia 3 Months Later

Exciting news came in this morning about the areas in which we worked in Sucre in June! Here’s what God has done through the Bolivian host churches since the June campaign. [Thanks, Julia, for these updates.]

Alto Sucre, where Deedra, Marisa and Caroldean worked
--30 people at last week’s meeting
--5 will be baptized on September 14th
--Mario Pocuna now is full-time leader

La Calancha, where Scott & Sherry Crossman worked
--110 people at last meeting
--5 people will be baptized in October
--10 more people have accepted Christ since campaign
--Today (Sept 1) they are having big kids outreach

Lajas Tambo, where Mary, Joyce and Geanie worked
--90 people attended last meeting
--Meeting place now too small for this growing group
--10 additional new believers since the campaign
--Plan to baptize people when they finish first discipleship book

Llimpi, where Doug, Catherine and Lori worked
--54 people attended last week, mostly kids and teenagers
--Several want to be baptized

Tujsupay Bajo, where Philip, Woodlyn, Letty and Andrew worked
--50 people at recent meeting
--Having cell group meetings on Monday nights
--4 new families have accepted Christ since campaign

Bolivian Team Plants More Churches

One of the most exciting things about our ministry in Bolivia is seeing our Bolivian partners do their own church planting campaigns. At the end of July Pastor Enzo organized a team of 16 Bolivians to go to Santa Ana, Bolivia.

They trained and worked with 37 local believers. God allowed them to see 369 professions of faith.

Over 300 of these new believers worked on the discipleship lessons! Two new churches were started, and 1 church was strengthened.