Sunday, December 11, 2005

Stop the Bus!

Thanks for praying for us, Pr-Air Force. God is doing some wonderful things here. I'll send a more complete report, but I thought you'd enjoy this praise report from Mike Congrove, our new staffer who's here with us.


Mike Jorgensen

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That's how many pastors and leaders we trained in Kigali, Rwanda this week. When Curtis, Steve and Mike (see my blog for pics of these guys, trained these folks with the Evangecube, they made a few requests. One is to share Christ via the cube twice a week for a year.

230 x 2 = 460
460 x 52 = 23,920 gospel presentations in Rwanda for a year, just from the training.

Ah, but you won't have 100% participation you say, that number is bogus.

Uh-huh. Well, let me introduce you to Robert Mugabe. (His pic is here: Robert got on a bus last night to go to restaurant and he had his cube out. The folks asked him about it so much that finally the driver stopped the bus until he showed everyone the cube. He went through the gospel presentation and eight people accepted Christ.

When he arrived at his restaurant a woman from the bus saw him. She had the owner close the doors to the restaurant while he showed everyone the cube. Six more people accepted Jesus.

I may be way low on that 23k number because God's math is way different, and much better, than mine. Now in your Ronco voice, read this, "But wait, there's more."

Mike Jorgensen repeatedly challenged everyone to constantly disciple at least one person, if not a few. Let's stay conservative:

1st Generation: 230 disciples of the 230 conference attendees 2nd Generation: Those 230 find a disciple each = 460 3rd Generation: And so on, 690 4th Generation: 920 evangecube and church-planting trained leaders.

Hallelujah! That's from ONE training. This training.

From the neighborhood where these 230 "practiced" using the Evangecube,
the Lord brought about 100 to Himself on Thursday afternoon. We were out for an hour. On Friday afternoon, we went to follow up with those who accepted Christ the previous day. Because of those folks bringing friends and family to hear the gospel, 198 more Rwandans came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Ahh, discipleship. What do you know?
If you obey God's word, He blesses.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can share with you a story of our Ethiopian national leader. It begins with a letter he received years ago. The letter read, "Tomorrow you will die."

Keep praying, we now begin meetings with our national leaders from:

A closed Middle East Country

Oh so much more later, God bless,

Mike C

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