Saturday, September 23, 2006

What Do We Do With Wild Headlines?

Venezuela's Chavez calls President Bush "the devil" International Herald Tribune - France... for more than a month. "Venezuela once again proposes today that we reform the United Nations," he said. He drew tentative giggles ...

Strike against Morales highlights Bolivia's deep divisions International Herald Tribune - France LA PAZ, Bolivia Opponents of President Evo Morales stayed home from work and blocked key thoroughfares in four Bolivian cities Friday to protest his party's ...

Venezuela in Negotiations with Russia for More Military Hardware - Caracas , Venezuela , September 20, 2006 —Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez confirmed yesterday that the Venezuelan government was currently negotiating the ...

Iran, Venezuela start drilling joint oil well Tehran Times - Iran TEHRAN – Iranian and Venezuelan oil companies jointly started drilling of the first oil well in a field in Venezuela slated to be developed by the two ...

Cuba and Venezuela: Building an 'axis of hope’ Green Left Weekly - Chippendale, NSW, Australia... Cuba has now been joined by new left-wing governments winning respect for combatting First World domination of Latin America: Venezuela’s, headed by ...


“What in the world is going on down there?” Do you have these same thoughts as I do as you read these wild headlines?

My heart aches as I read these news alerts. I’ve walked the streets of all these places (other than Iran). I have looked into the eyes of the common folks. They are concerned with making ends meet. Keeping their family together. Wondering what to do with that wayward child or spouse or parent. Dealing with the pain in their lives. They are looking for hope.

I don’t know what the answers are to the political turmoil depicted in these headlines. But I do know who The Answer is for those folks I’ve met in the streets, talked to in their homes, stood beside on the bus or train. His name is Jesus. And He has a Body, a family, an army He wants to reach out through to the hurting, the hungry, the hiding and the hounded.

This week (Sep 27-30) we go to equip His ambassadors at a “Train the Trainer” Leadership Conference in Lima, Peru. We’ve invited people from all over Peru who are interested in becoming e3 trainers. Also coming are our e3 national leaders from Bolivia (Enzo Saavedra), Ecuador (Diego Trujillo), Panama (Moises and Talsy Vega) and Venezuela (Omar Piňa).
We pray that God will use this conference to train these trainers how to—

• Equip churches to
• Evangelize their neighborhoods and
• Establish new churches

What do we do with wild headlines? We can't just turn the page. It's time to pray.

Please pray for God to use this conference to accomplish His will, and to make His name more famous in all of Latin America. Pray that the Prince of Peace will reign in more neighborhoods as a result of this conference.

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