Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Headed to India

Mar 9th our son, Philip, and I head into uncharted territory . . . for us. We’re headed to Kazipet, India (near Hyderabad) for a Leadership Conference. George Robinson, one of our staff from Atlanta, will join us along the way.

We are working with a wonderful Indian pastor and leader—Dani Abraham. He is gathering pastors and leaders who are interested in working with e3. We’ll train them how to train others to do evangelism using the EvangeCube, and how to plant new churches using our First Steps curriculum.

Each day George and I will punctuate our “lectures” with “laboratory.” The first day we will go prayer walking after our session on prayer. The second day we will go out into the neighborhoods to do evangelism after the session on evangelism. The third day we will go back out to visit the new believers to begin the discipleship process after our session on making disciples. So the participants will immediately put into practice what we teach. They immediately will “walk the talk” as we model how they can train and mobilize churches to do evangelism and discipleship that results in new churches.

Our prayer is that God will raise up from this group key church planting “coaches” we can work with in the future. We’ll supply them with EvangeCubes, First Steps manuals and other church planting materials so they can multiply the ministry by training many other churches.

If you’d like to see pictures of the Banjara, one of the people groups that lives around the conference site, click here.

That’s the plan anyway. I can’t wait to see what God does!

Your prayers are needed—

• Pray for God to bring His choice of leaders to the conference
• Pray for wisdom for Dani as he completes the planning for the conference
• Pray for George and me to walk in the Spirit in all things
• Pray for God to continue to grow my relationship with Philip
• Pray for God to continue to prepare Philip for the life work He has for him
• Pray for God to use this conference as one of His matches to light the fires of church planting movements in India


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