Tuesday, October 02, 2007

60 Churches Plant 60 More

Merdekiyos Meja attended our Ethiopia Leadership Conference in early 2005. As the leader of a district that then had 60 churches, he went home “infected” with a vision. He shared that vision for multiplying those existing churches with his district pastors. Today those 60 have planted 60 more! They doubled in less than 3 years! All this took place in a region of Ethiopia that has experienced great persecution from Muslims (see entry above).

As one of their national leaders put it, this is historic in their denomination—an entire district doubling so quickly.

32 of the churches now have buildings, which they paid for with local tithes and offerings. The other 28 meet under trees, in homes and other places.

Please pray that this “infection” will spread throughout Ethiopia.

Hear this testimony--click on link below.

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