Saturday, March 22, 2008

Africa Prayer Update

Coming into our kitchen a few days before I left for Africa, I was shocked to see Woodlyn sprawled on the floor. If it hadn’t been for the smile on her face, I would have thought our “junk cabinet” had exploded. Papers spread all over. Years of phone books scattered beside her. Seemed like every stray thingamabob in our house had burst out of that cabinet.

Reminded me of one of her favorite sayings: “this isn’t a mess . . . its progress.”

My first stop on this Africa trip was Rwanda. We’ve had a mess in Rwanda. Early last year we suspected something fishy was going on with our national director. He seemed like such a humble and hardworking guy. The reports we were getting were great.

But red flags kept popping up, so we hired a finance person to provide more accountability for the money. Then we hired another person to audit the field ministry reports. We were saddened when they found serious reporting and financial discrepancies. Needless to say, he is no longer with our ministry.

Now the Lord of the Harvest has blessed us with wonderful progress in the midst of the mess. As we interviewed candidates last week for a new national director, one clearly rose to the top. He has strong leadership credentials, plus he is nationally known for a ministry he started that teaches integrity to business, government and religious leaders! God has provided perhaps the one person in the whole country of Rwanda who is best suited to rebuild the trust of pastors and other leaders!

I’m now in Ethiopia praying and planning with our team about our 2008 plan and budget. Please pray for--

· Smooth transition for our new Rwanda national director

· God’s direction for our Ethiopia ministry this year

· Staffing and finances to accomplish our ministry plans in both countries


Mike Jorgensen

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