Monday, May 05, 2008

Bolivia Updates

Prayer Team—

God has answered your prayers for Bolivia. Here’s a quick update.

1. In spite of a sinus infection, a difficult translator and lots of political drama, the leadership conference last week turned out to be a huge success. The organizers switched translators on the second day. Pastor Enzo and Chris Horton taught the sessions that I missed while out sick. We ended up with 168 people registered, many more than I expected.

2. At the end of the conference the pastors indicated they have 12 areas in which they want us to work in June with our team. That is a big hallelujah, for it is substantially more than the 5 areas in which we worked last year. So the vision seems to be spreading.

3. Our challenge is that we only have 16 on our team from the US, enough for 6 or 7 teams. The Bolivians certainly can do the work without us, but we'd like to have a team of at least 2 from the US to go to each area where they have requested help. So we continue to pray for more people for our June 6 to 15 trip. [Click here if you’d like to go with us.]

4. The election yesterday in Santa Cruz was generally peaceful. There was some scuffling in the huge neighborhood of Plan 3000, where supporters of the socialist president tried to stop the people from voting. We have helped plant several new churches in Plan 3000. There was almost an 85% vote in favor of autonomy for the state of Santa Cruz.

Please continue to pray that God will expand His kingdom of light in Bolivia.

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Hal said...

That's great that there there is already a growing number of churches in Sucre that are interested in taking part in Kingdom work. I'll pray for more people signing up for Sucre as soon as possible but perhaps there are also several experienced translators available that can take the ball or be trained to take the lead without a North American campaigner. The novelty draw of having a "gringo" would be lost of course but it fits so nicely with the humble theme of realizing we are not indispensable.