Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blind Guy on a Mission Trip? Big Problem?

“I’ll go. I’ll go.” Oh no, the church leaders thought as the speaker asked for volunteers to go on an Ethiopian mission trip. “He’s blind. Big problem.” [This happened about a year ago, but I just heard this story.]

But they decided to let him go, for he was so enthusiastic. The two small sending churches raised the funds for the team’s transport, food and hotel. e3 kicked in EvangeCubes and other tools. The team of 21 traveled 200 kilometers, but in Ethiopia this can be a world away. They were reaching out to another people group, so they needed translators, just as our American teams do.

Trouble immediately erupted as they began to share the gospel. Mslm crowds formed to throw stones and beat these visitors with the audacity to talk about Christ.

“But wait, one of them is blind.” In their culture it’s wrong to harm a helpless blind person. They stopped. Questioning glances shot among the angry eyes.

As the crowd murmured , wonder began to erase anger. “This must be great love for a blind man to come so far to talk to us.” Wonder eased into curiosity. Why is he here? What does he have to say?

They listened to not only the blind man, but the others as well. The hand of God used one blind man to stop the mob. 135 Mslms prayed to receive Christ. Three new churches were started.

Our creative God used weakness to show His strength. He used the curse of a lifetime to flow blessings of eternal life. He turned a handicap into a gift.

Makes me want to search my heart for what I’ve said “no” to lately.

We are here in the same place this took place about a year ago. We are meeting with local leaders, trusting God to show us how He wants us to partner with His church here to reach this people group that is less than 1% Christian. Pray for wisdom and direction as we seek His plan.

Mike Jorgensen


Candace Crow said...

Thanks for sharing this story! It touches my heart and gives me encouragement for my father! He is also blind and I would love to see God use him in such a way. God's calling on my life is missions and several times myself, along with others have told my father he should go. Before he was blind he went on a mission trip to Tanzania. I know God has great plans for him and that the Lord will use the things the devil meant for bad, for good! I will share this with my father! Thanks for all you do! I am thankful for
E3 partners and how God has used the ministry to change my life and so many others! God bless!

in HIM > Candace Crow

Mike J said...

Glad this could be an encouragement to you and your dad, Candace. You are an encouragement to us at e3, too.