Friday, February 27, 2009

Divine Interruption

I have the best job in the world.

I love my job. Daily we get to see God’s hand at work. I love the national directors and US Team Leaders I’ve been working with the past 4 years. We have seen much spiritual fruit (see blog posts below) as we have transitioned our ministry focus to serving our national partners as they plant new churches. Our World Conference last month was a joyful celebration of all these blessings, and a look toward many new initiatives coming online. I couldn’t imagine a better job.

So I got a real shocker about 10 days ago. That morning I was just strolling along on my morning walk. Enjoying the fresh air. Not thinking about anything in particular. Quite frankly, simply enjoying not having any crushing deadlines after the joyful chaos and crunch of the World Conference.

Then He spoke. It wasn’t audible, but it was clear and compelling. Along with it came a physical sensation that confirmed this was not an ordinary thought racing through my head, but directions from our Commander-in-Chief.

The words were as simple as they were direct—

--I have a new assignment for you.
--You are to focus on I am Second.
--Your contribution to the international ministry is complete.

My mind raced. More ideas tumbled about in the moments following, and I’m not sure how much was from the Holy Spirit and what was my mind figuring out “so what does all that mean?” Time will tell.

I power-walked home to tell Woodlyn and Philip. That evening I was able to talk to my good friend and boss, Curtis Hail. Then over the next few days we talked to Nathan Sheets (I am Second creator and team leader) and the rest of our leadership team here at e3. Everybody is a go!

Lots and lots and lots of details to work out. I am scared and excited all at the same time. As we’ve discussed what this might mean, three popular things from our culture stand out--

· Starbucks: how can we help people and churches start thousands of new groups (more than Starbucks) to reach out to our culture to evangelize and disciple people attracted to Christ through the I am Second campaign?

· iPhone Apps Store: how can we harness the creativity of individuals, churches and ministries who want to develop materials and strategies for I am Second (like Apple has done with developers of applications for its iPhone)?

· Facebook: how can we develop web functions to create an I am Second virtual community (like Facebook) to communicate, train leaders, get materials, etc. to use with I am Second strategies, especially to multiply new groups (just like we do internationally)?

Right now we are working on all the ripples this causes as I transition from my current role to this new assignment. Curtis Hail and our Cabinet are prayerfully and carefully deciding who and when. I definitely do not want to drop this baton, for our international ministry is the heart of all that e3 does. It is our main ministry, and probably always will be. So please pray for God’s direction and empowerment to pass on this leadership role to His choice in His way.

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