Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bolivia Changed Life

One of the blessings of going back to a place again is seeing how God has changed lives. This past week Woodlyn worked with Hilda. Hilda faithfully came to our training sessions each morning. Then she went out doing evangelism and discipleship with Woodlyn and the team each afternoon.

Toward the end of the week Woodlyn learned "the rest of the story." Two years ago Hilda's life was in a shambles. Her alcoholic husband, Daniel, was making life miserable. She had no one to turn to.

But then Larry and teammate Abigail showed up at her door. They shared with her the hope that is in Christ. Even though it happened in just a few minutes, she knew it was a huge decision to make. She decided to put her faith in Christ. God then used her changed life to bring Daniel to salvation after the campaign. Over time he was delivered from his bondage to alcohol.

Daniel helped in the campaign last week, too. In fact, he's driving the pickup in the picture below, which we took long before we knew his story. And he's now in seminary in nearby Santa Cruz!

Often people ask "what happens after you leave?" Much of the time we do not know, for we leave the work in the hands of the local host churches to do the follow-up discipleship. So this was a sweet reminder that God continues to change lives and communities through the seeds He plants through our teams.

Here's Larry with Hilda two years after he and Abigail shared Christ with her.

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