Monday, November 06, 2006

My "Plan B" is God's "Plan A+"

Plan A was to do an eye glass clinic in Bolivia over Thanksgiving. We thought it was such a great plan! Our son, Philip, was diligently collecting eye glasses for his Eagle Scout project. Over 1,000 came in. But no eye professional signed up for the trip. So we had to go to Plan B.

But Plan B appears to be just what God wanted all along! Over the past few months Bolivia has continued to slide toward socialism and political chaos. So we changed the focus of the Thanksgiving trip. Now we will train Bolivian trainers to do what we do. They will train churches in evangelism and church planting. Whether or not we can take teams in the future . . . they will continue the work.

Last week we received an exciting email from Pastor Enzo Saavedra. In it is a list of 26 Bolivian leaders who want to be trained! We will challenge each of them to train one church and 50 people each month for the next year. If all of them were to be faithful in this, 1300 people could be trained each month, or over 15,000 in the next year. That would be many multiples of what we could do with US teams. Hallelujah!

God has infinite ways of accomplishing His will, and sometimes saying “no” to our prayers is how He does it. Our Plan B turned out to be His Plan A+.

Would you pray for one of these Bolivian trainers? Please email me at and I’ll send you one of their names to pray for during the next 30 days.

You probably are wondering “What about all those eye glasses?” They will go to good use . . . on a future trip.

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