Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bolivia: God's Rearranging

Santa Cruz, Bolivia / Saturday Morning 6/9/07

I used to get pretty frustrated when things didn’t go according to my plan on a campaign. Perhaps a pastor or two didn’t show up to greet their team. Or a pastor showed up who wasn’t on our list. Sometimes they showed up at the welcome meeting for our team. Or maybe they even showed up on day two . . . or three. Used to drive me crazy.

But usually by the end of the campaign it became apparent that “my” plans had not been God’s plan, so He rearranged things for His glory! So now it is exciting to see “surprises” happen as we deploy the teams. I trust that each change in “my” Team/Area Chart is God blessing us with His answer to our prayers of “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

So I was not surprised, or frustrated, yesterday when one of the pastors who had committed to work with us did not show up for the initial meeting. When Pastor Enzo, our Bolivia coordinator, called that pastor, he said he couldn’t come to the meeting because he was working on a problem and was busy with some legal papers. Then when we called him back a few minutes later to see if we could at least take the US team out to the area to prayer walk, he said “I guess I’m not going to be able to host the team because of these legal problems.” Thank You, Lord, for reallocating the team away from someone who was preoccupied with something else!

Yesterday the teams met their host churches and then prayer walked the neighborhoods where they are working this week. Today the evangelism begins. Please pray for these teams as they share the love of Christ with people today (click on names to see pix of teams)—

Bob / Sue / Mary Team

Kaitlyn / Carla / Mike / Jeff Team

Parsons Family Team

Alex / Teresa / Winston / Pedro Team (Pedro reassigned to team after picture taken)

Greg / Jocelyn / Mike / Kip Team (Kip reassigned to team after picture taken)

Steve / Simon / Faye / Emily Team (Emily reassigned to team after picture taken)

Samantha / Sophia / Gaylord / Steve Team

We especially are praying today--

· For the veil to be removed from the hearts and minds of those we meet today (2 Cor 4:3-4)

· For our teams to meet a person of peace in each neighborhood (Luke 10:5-7)

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