Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bolivia Wed Report

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Today’s our last day of work in the field. There’s gonna be lots of tears tonight as our teams say goodbye to their new friends here. The church members with whom they have walked these dusty streets. The translators who have been by their side house and after house after house. The ladies who have cooked banquets for them each day. And the new believers on whose dusty cheeks they have seen tears roll down. Whose smiles they have witnessed as they came to understand the glory of Christ’s love and sacrifice for them. Whose enthusiasm during the discipleship visits and meetings they have seen grow. Already one of the youth with us has told me “I wanna stay here.”

God has given our teams the privilege of seeing over 700 people pray to receive Christ in the 7 new church areas in which we are working. So please continue to pray for the follow-up discipleship. It is the key to the ongoing health and growth of these new baby churches.

Interesting impact story I heard from two different people. Before my first campaign here four years ago, my host put me up in a 5 star hotel when I came early to do leadership training. He didn’t realize that our budgets do not cover that kind of expense. So during my stay I asked to go look at other hotels for the team coming a few weeks later. His response was “why not here?” So I explained our more frugal standards and budget. To which he replied, “what’s your budget? Let’s go talk to the manager.” Much to my shock, the manager was a Christian and agreed to allow us to stay in this condominium suite hotel for our normal budget! To give you an idea of what it’s like, the 5 person family that’s with me told me they have a spare bedroom in their suite that they aren’t even using!

But I was also concerned about what impression this hotel would give to the nationals with whom we work. As I’ve asked this question multiple times of multiple leaders here, each time the answer has been the same: “God has provided this blessing, so enjoy it.”

The assistant manager told Enzo this week that they love to have us here because the hotel always fills up around the time when we come because God blesses them. Another employee told me that when our team arrives, the peace of God falls on the whole hotel. It gave me great joy that both these staff members were giving God the glory, and not attributing this to our team. Hallelujah!

The online slide show has been updated with some more pix. Click on link below. Please keep praying for us.


Mike Jorgensen for Team Bolivia

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