Saturday, March 24, 2012

Help Developing Healthy Spiritual Habits

New Year’s Resolutions.  Fail.

“I’ll pray for you.” Fail.

“Yes, Lord, I’m gonna . . . .”  Fail.

Want to get past making commitments you can’t seem to keep? Want to develop healthy habits of helping people?  Take I am Second’s [22]  Day Challenge

Sign up here.  You’ll get an email every day for 22 days.  It will have one of the I am Second films to watch.  As you watch it, think about who you know that needs the encouragement in that film.  Then forward it to them.  

There’s also a daily challenge to take a Jesus step that is prompted by the film.  

The [22]DC is patient with you, too. If you don’t have time to open the email . . . it waits.  We all have those days when we’re pressed for time, so it gives you a break.  If you haven’t gotten to it in 3 days, it sends you a reminder.  It waits until you restart it by viewing a film.

People say that it takes 3 weeks to develop a new habit.  Take the Challenge.  Develop a new habit of thinking about how to bless someone else each day.

Looking for something to get your church all on the same page? Lead a youth group?  Host a small group?  Have a Second group?  Challenge everyone to take the Challenge with you.  It’s more fun to do it with friends.

Here's what others are saying:

  • "I loved the challenges. I reconciled with a dear old friend that we were not on speaking terms for the past 7 years. It lightened my heart and had a very positive outcome." 
  • "It brought our middle school and high school youth groups together to FOCUS on Him by focusing ON OTHERS.... and making self be Second! My husband and I have done youth ministry for 20 years and found this top notch and top quality as well as inspiring!"
  • "Challenges led me to be active in my faith." 
  • "The films get you out of your comfort zone and remind me that beyond the smile there might be a hurting person."
Click here to sign up for the [22] Day Challenge.  

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