Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bolivia: Black Market Miracle

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

About a year ago Pastor Hamer had a vision for going to the jungle. He explained today that he has a burden for a very primitive tribe who don’t even wear clothes. The challenge was a way to effectively present the gospel.

One day he was accosted on the street by a drug addict wanting to sell something in a little cardboard box. It obviously was something he’d stolen somewhere. He said no, but the peddler persisted. “Look, it’s only one Boliviano,” which is about twelve cents.

Pastor Hamer again brushed him off, but the addict took the contents out and showed him the pictures on it. One was of Jesus on the cross, so he decided to go ahead and buy it. It was an EvangeCube!

Hamer took it home, but couldn’t figure out how to use it. So it sat on his shelf.

About 6 months ago Pastor Hamer got caught in a flash flood. He found himself walking through waist deep water. He had more presence of mind than I would in such a dangerous situation, for he looked down and saw a piece of paper floating by . . . and it had some of the same pictures as that Cube thing on his shelf. It was one of the tracts we use on our campaigns!

God was answering his prayers in some unusual ways!

Pastor Hamer went to work. He translated some of the tract into the language of the tribe in the jungle. But he still had not figured out how to use that Cube thing.

Then about a week ago he met Pastor Enzo, our Bolivia coordinator. When he heard we were coming, he asked for a team and found out we had enough on our team to add his new church plant to our list of areas. Then when Pastor Enzo went to train his church members at the last minute, he pulled out an EvangeCube! They finally would get to learn how to use that Cube thing.

Then the circle was completed yesterday, when Gary and his daughters Sarah and Abi showed up to work with Hamer. As they sat down with his church to plan the evangelism, Gary pulled out the same tract Hamer had noticed floating in the flood!

God is very creative as He answers prayers! Pastor Hamer now has two tools to share the Gospel here in Santa Cruz, and also in the jungle.

Please continue to pray for our team and the areas in which they are working. We are trusting God to work as creatively this week as he did with Pastor Hamer (but we can do without the floods!). Yesterday 289 people prayed to receive Christ! Join us in thanking Him for the great first day He gave our teams.

Please pray especially that God will raise up people to disciple the new believers.


Mike Jorgensen for Team Bolivia

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