Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bolivia Mission Trip begins

June 24, 2006
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Heavenly Father—

You are omniscient—You know everything about where we are and what we are doing. Thank You for bringing all our team safely to Bolivia. Thank You for bringing Melissa in this morning, who had missed a connection in the States on Thursday and was delayed a day. In spite of 2 cancelled flights and a very late flight, You brought all the rest of the team here on time Friday. Thank You.

Thank You for getting all the teams connected with their host churches last night and this morning. All except one team is now out with their churches, getting ready to begin evangelism this morning.

Lord, we pray for unity among the teams today. Bridge the cultural and language gaps.

Lord, we pray for You to introduce our teams to those Your Spirit is giving faith to trust Christ.

Lord, we pray that You will introduce us to persons of peace, who will introduce our teams to whole neighborhoods through their family and friendship connections.

Lord, we pray that You will bring great glory to Yourself this week as You pour Your Living Water through the US and Bolivian teams, and splash all over the people in the areas where the host churches are planting new churches.

All this we pray so that You will be more famous in Santa Cruz, in Bolivia and around the world.


Mike Jorgensen for Team Bolivia

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