Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bolivia: Open Door and Hearts

June 26, 2006 10:32
Santa Cruz

Thanks for praying, Prayer Warriors. Here are some glimpses of God’s glory that He has revealed in response to your prayers.

1. Saturday morning we prayed for God to introduce us to persons of peace—people who are influential in their neighborhoods who will introduce others to Christ. Many of you have been praying that for us, too. God answered this prayer in L.S., Glenda and Sammie’s area within an hour of their arrival! In one of the first visits, God opened the door to share the Gospel with Alejandro and several others in his household. He prayed to receive Christ, and then told the pastor “I own this restaurant here. You are welcome to meet in my restaurant.” This was a blessing to this new little church, for it now meets in the courtyard of the home of a member of the mother church.

2. Carlos owns a mechanics shop that fixes lots of taxis near the church with which Andrew, Mei and Tanya are working. He prayed to receive Christ yesterday, and welcomed Mei back for a follow-up visit. Could he be a person of peace who could introduce many taxi drivers to our Lord?

3. This afternoon Juanita decided to head back to the meeting place where she, Doug and Melissa have been working. She was feeling a little queasy, and hoped some rest before the evening meeting would help. As she neared her rest place, a man and his son asked what she was doing in the neighborhood. As her team started to share with him, he asked them to come to talk to his whole family. Actually, three families were gathered together for a family reunion, and all 12 trusted Christ!

4. One team was headed to a follow-up appointment, but stopped to take a picture of two parrots in a front yard. Out of the house came a scolding grandmother, saying we should have asked permission. She started in Spanish, but finished in English, for she is a tour guide. The team apologized, and asked if she had ever seen an EvangeCube. Her scold turned into salvation as she prayed in English in her own words to put her faith in Christ. As they were leaving, she shared that she had been the tour guide for a Christian children’s organization for 12 years.

5. Jason, Andy and Sarah are working in a brand new area. Tonight they had 170+ at their evening meeting, including over 40 youth! God has created a great hunger for Him in that area!

These are but a few of the glimpses of God’s glory we are seeing as God answers your prayers. Please continue to lift our team to the throne of grace. Please pray especially for—
· Ray Berryman (on right in picture), who over the next 3 days is doing 15 evangelism and discipleship meetings with Campus Crusade for Christ to business leaders, police officials, university leaders and professors, doctors and other influential groups
· Discipleship for all the new believers
· Good health—people are getting worn out
· The Head of the Church to continue to build His Church here

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