Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bolivia: Burger Churches?

In Texas we have a lot of Cowboy churches. Churches that reach people with similar interests who enjoy a similar culture.

Sunday we asked people what groups they are part of when we spoke at the church we helped plant three years ago. We were talking about the person of peace principle from Luke 10, an example of which is the woman at the well in John 4. We challenged them to be the key that unlocks the Gospel for their groups, networks, workplaces, neighborhoods.

At the end of the service the owner of a chain of hamburger fast food restaurants talked to Enzo. [Their restaurants are sort of like the McDonald’s of Bolivia, since McD is not here.] “Will your team speak to the employees of my restaurants? We have 200 in Bolivia, and 20 here in Santa Cruz. We will gather the employees at the beginning or end of their shifts to hear the Gospel.” So today Steve and the Vidor team (Linda, Terry and Lloyd) have appointments at four of the local restaurants!

We are challenging this church to start discipleship groups wherever people receive Christ . . . possibly right in the restaurants.

Please pray for open hearts, and also the discipleship of all the new believers. We are doing our best to model follow-up discipleship in all the areas. We want to have what Jesus called “fruit that remains.” Today and tomorrow are our last days to accomplish that.

Thanks for praying for us here in Bolivia. Everyone is doing great, although people are getting pretty tired from the long days.


Mike Jorgensen

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Debora Baltazar said...

Praise Jesus! I pray more restaurants will be used to share the Good News in this generation!... Innovation in Missions.