Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Bolivia Report

Great day today. Breakfast. Worship. Orientation. Met our 30 translators, who helped as we met the leaders of the areas where we will be working. Dinner. Very relaxing day to get caught up from our long travel day yesterday.

On each e3 mission trip we follow the model of ministry given us by the Apostle Paul, the parts of which are summarized in this diagram.

Today we focused on prayer. We prayed for many things, including surrendering this week to the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus. Now we wait to see what He will do. It's gonna be exciting, whatever it is.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we begin the work. We'll continue praying, and add the evangelism part of our ministry. Please pray for us to be totally open and surrendered to what he wants to do through our teams of Bolivians and Americans, connected through our wonderful translators.

Check out the pix of the teams below.


Mike Jorgensen

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