Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bolivia: Why Swine Flu?

When we heard several days before we came that they were having a swine flu "issue" here, my first thought was "why now, Lord?"

This week we have seen at least part of the reason. Every team had many teenagers come to Christ, and many of these new believers then have worked with our teams. So youth have come to Christ, then led friends to Christ, then helped disciple them . . . all this week.

Last night a 13 year old new believer performed a "Jesus Rap" he wrote this week. I'll try to post the video online soon.

Without the swine flu precautions here, they all would have been back in school every day! But a school break was extended for two weeks, and the start back to school next Monday, after we're gone. Thank You, Lord, for this blessings.

Please keep praying for our Bolivia team. Today is maybe our hardest day--saying goodbye to new dear friends. It is amazing how working side-by-side with people serving God bonds hearts so quickly. Even though we don't share a common language or culture. It is the power of the Holy Spirit and the joy of seeing God work as we walk the dusty streets of Santa Cruz together. Plus see people come to Christ and begin walking with Him as they begin to be discipled.

As Alex, my son-in-law to be (in 10 days!), said this morning, "I'm so torn right now. This has been the best week of my life. My fiancee is at home, and I want very much to see her and get married. But I also so much want to stay here with all my new dear friends." So pray for us all as the transition process back to life at home begins tonight as each team has a closing celebration in each work area.

Quote of the day: "I came here expecting to serve. What I didn't expect was being so much like a wrench--begin a tool that God uses to do His will." From PJ Charles, inventor of EvangeDreds, which now are spreading like wildfire in his area.

The "Burger Church" planters went to 6 restaurants yesterday. More on that in a future report. Keep praying--there are several more today.

God has given us the priviledge of seeing over 500 people say "Si" to Jesus this week. Please continue to pray for the leaders and workers in the 6 areas in which we are working to have a vision, a strategy and the commitment to follow-up with all these precious new spiritual children.


Mike Jorgensen

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