Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bolivia: How fast can God change a life?

Ten days ago Gonzolo (with guitar in picture below) was working in Spain. After he was stabbed while being robbed, his mother convinced him to come back to Bolivia.

Four days ago, after returning home, he trusted Christ.

Yesterday, after only three days as a believer, he started working with Cameron. This week he will share his new faith with many.

God has so many ways to get us on His plan. Some nice and some painful. But His will is done.

Here's Cameron (in light t-shirt) practicing with Bolivian team about how they will do evangelism in new subdivision (shown in second picture).


Anonymous said...

Dear RB Mike:
We pray for you and your family and love everything our Lord is doing, not only with the family but in the ministry. With you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,
Thank you for your blog, I really wish I was there. I am praying for the team and that God's harvest will be plentiful. Give a fuerte abrazo to Pastor Enzo.
Scott Wilmeth

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike:

We are Steve Anderson's cousins in Plano. Please let him know that we are praying for continued amazing success for the entire team. We definitely love seeing the pictures and seeing the progress on your blog.

For the Fame of His Name!
Curt, Harry and Cuzanne