Thursday, June 12, 2008

Coming Down Off The Mountain

Today is last day of work in the 5 areas. So there will be lots of ¨goodbye¨ tears tonight. Pray for the discipleship to continue long after we leave.

Tomorrow is a vacation and shopping day. Then Saturday we head back to Santa Cruz to catch the plane on to the US.

Pray for us as we readjust to coming down off the mountain--physically, emotionally and spiritually. Physically it is just as tough coming down from the Andes as it is going up. Spiritually and emotionally it is difficult leaving the myriad spiritual and physical needs here to return to the land of plenty.


mike j for team bolivia

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Sandy Miller said...

Thanks for telling us about your prayer needs for coming down the mountain - I would not have known to pray for y'all in those ways but I see exactly what you mean. And I'm continuing to pray for God to lift up disciple makers. And for strength, stamina and healing for those with tummy problems and colds. And para Rosa! Still praying and praising! Love y'all bunches!