Friday, June 13, 2008

Light in Twilight

I´ve been struggling how to express how enthusiastically people have responded this week. How do you communicate something that is so unlike what we see in US?

The best I can come up with is--

¨Free iPods to first 712 people who open doors to our reps!¨

People would be standing on their doorsteps waiting to get this blessing, wouldn´t they? In many areas that is how our team has been received this week as we have shared the truth that God loves them and Jesus died so they could have eternal life.

Bolivia is a country of uncertainty. Will the pro-gov´t people protest and blockade? Will the pro-democracy folks demonstrate and strike? If I go to the next city, will I be able to get back? Will we end up in civil war? Or will things stay peaceful?

In the midst of this, the Light has shone into the twilight of this uncertainty. This picture symbolizes what God has done this week. The kids are meeting in the lighted room, with the lights of the city in the background, as the adults and teens meet across the street.

712 people prayed to receive Christ! Their desire to learn about how to follow Christ shone through as we saw 106% follow-up as we visited them again in their homes and they came to the evening meetings. We are praying that disciple-makers will teach each one how to walk in the light the the Lord Jesus gives them.

4 new LifeGroup-style groups were started, which hopefully will grow into established churches in the next few months. 3 other churches were strengthened.

The Head of the Church is keeping His promise in Bolivia to build His church.

Thanks to everyone who has given and prayed for our team. Your time and treasure has yielded much fruit in Sucre, Bolivia.

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