Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Drunk Person of Peace

Our teams always pray for a person of peace in each area. A person of peace is mentioned in Luke 10, and is a well-known person in the area who is a believer, or open to Christ. Whole neighborhoods can be reached quickly because persons of peace are known by a lot of people. They can be famous (with a good reputation) or infamous (have a bad reputation).

As members of the Deedra, Caroldean and Marisa team were witnessing one day, they came upon a man who appeared drunk, so they passed him by. Much to their surprise, the next day he came up to them and asked them to share with him about God. Deedra shared how she had put her faith in Christ, and how He had changed her into a different person. She shared that God loves him and wants to have a relationship with him. She went on to explain that was possible because Christ had died to pay for our sins.

Sobbing, Tomas prayed to receive Christ, and the team cried along with him. Then he took them to a large room in his home, which he offered for use as the meeting place of the new church just starting in the neighborhood. The picture above is Tomas and his family, with Deedra, Caroldean and Marisa in the back row.

Before the end of the week, this new house church grew to about 50 adults and over 100 kids. God uses ordinary people to accomplish His extraordinary work.

Please continue to pray for the discipleship of the hundreds of new believers we are seeing put their faith in Christ as Savior!

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Hal said...

Oh how I love this one. 'Sceptically, they went through the whole presentation...' This shows God's power at work and how it is so not about us.