Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Trouble on Tuesday. Trouble on Tuesday. Trouble on Tuesday.

Everywhere we went, that´s what we heard. From different leaders in different places. Even from a soldier here, who gave one of our ministry partners (translators) his cell number in case he needed help. The local officials had declared several days ago that they were going to shut down Sucre to protest the national government´s policies. Road blocks. No taxis or busses or anything on the road. Total shutdown.

But the first thing I heard this morning when I saw the hotel owner on my daily pilgrimage for coffee was ¨todo normal.¨ (Everything normal)

Proverbs 21:1 says that God holds the hearts of kings in His hand. We have seen him turn those hearts in a way that allows us to continue our work.

3 of our areas are going great. Lots of workers, lots of decisions, lots of follow-up. We thank the Lord for that.

But 2 of our areas have some major obstacles. One, where Philip, Letty, Andrew and Woodlyn are working, does not have any workers. Even the pastor has been gone almost all the time attending to other things. They have seen many people say ¨Si¨ to Christ, but they need workers to follow-up.

Another area where Doug, Catherine and Lori are working has a huge spiritual obstacle. There was a church in the neighborhood that broke up a couple years ago. So there is a building there for anyone who wants to use it. But the community is very much against whatever happens in that building, or anyone they think is connected with people from there. Evidently there was an issue that split the church, and now people don´t want to have anything to do with it or anyone on the other ¨side¨ of whatever the issue was. Pray for God to bring down the obstacles of bitterness and anger.

We have a couple folks down with some tummy trouble, and a couple others with bad colds. So please also pray for our health and stamina as we continue our fun but long days.


Mike Jorgensen for Team Bolivia

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Marjorie C said...

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More praises to the Lord for answering our prayers. I pray for the area
that has rejected the work of the Lord, for they have missed untold
blessings and protection. I know many areas are still steeped in the old
ways and that fears and suspicions abound and they are more likely to
trust in witchcraft and trumped up idols than in our living Saviour. How
incredibly sad that is.

However, there is no way that we can bore a hole in heads and hearts and
pour in salvation. We must continue to sow bountifully, so that the
harvests will be great. Once we have done what the Lord has told us to
do and left the decision in the hands of those we are trying to reach,
our work, except for prayer and making ourselves availabe, is over. We
must never waste precious time, energy and provisions on lost causes. If
the opportunity is to be given again at some point, the Lord will open
the door. Meanwhile, we will pray for those who have opened a new door
and made provisions for those bringing the gospel. May God bless them
and everyone in the new endeavor. God knows the hearts that are prepared
and those that are yearning deep within themselves for a saviour. May
God pour out blessings with all surprise in surprising places.

May He blanket His work through you with protection,